How can you evaluate and improve your SSC MTS Preparation?

While preparing for the exam, most of the students tend to forget the crucial step of preparation which is, the need to evaluate and improvise their preparation for SSC MTS.

Let me show you through this article, how this can be done effectively:

The first and the important thing to keep in mind is to know where you stand. Evaluate yourself constantly to understand if your preparation is going in the right direction or not.

Do you know that Mock Tests and Daily Quizzes are the best and perfect tools to prepare for any competitive exam? 

Let us see how practising Mock Tests on a regular basis will benefit you in SSC MTS Exam:

  • Solving mock questions is better than reading entire pages while revising what you have learnt. So, when you have already covered a certain section from the syllabus you can use a quiz or mock test to make your revision stronger.

  • The next benefit which you will get after attempting a mock test is an evaluation of your preparation. A mock test is a resemblance to an actual exam that will give you the benefit of getting results instantly. You will be able to depict easily which part of your syllabus is stronger and needs no more extra focus and which part is the weakest that needs more practice/preparation.

  • You will be provided with a time-constrained and disciplined environment and you will be able to see if your time management strategy is actually working or not. Mocks are considered pseudo-exams and if you attempt them on a regular basis the actual exam would not seem as intimidating to you.

Now when you know about the benefits of Test Series while preparing for SSC MTS, you will think about which platform is ideal to score good marks.

Don’t worry, I would recommend you to visit for this. By attempting their SSC MTS Mock Test Series, you will be able to know your overall grasp of the exam subjects in detail and better preparation can be taken thereafter.

Now I will share some subject-wise tips which will help you in acing each section and grab this job:

  • English Language

    • Start reading books to improve your vocabulary.

    • Make flashcards of any new vocabulary you discover.

    • Memorise all of the fundamental grammar rules from books such as Wren and Martin.

    • Every day, complete at least one passage under the comprehension.

  • General Awareness

    • Read national-level newspapers on a daily basis, such as The Hindu, The Times of India, and Hindustan Times.

    • Check to see if your static general knowledge is strong. The most important section of the general awareness paper is static general knowledge.

    • Make factual notes for this paper. 

    • To learn about important events, watch monthly compilations of current affairs videos.

  • Reasoning Ability

    • Every day, try to solve puzzles.

    • Series-type questions should be given the most attention because they carry the most weight.

    • Use SSC MTS Mock Tests, practise papers, and various reference books from publishing houses to practise reasoning questions on a daily basis.

    • Make an effort to answer the reasoning questions as quickly as possible.

  • Numerical Aptitude

    • Spend at least half an hour per day performing basic calculations.

    • Understand the fundamental concepts of Ratio, Profit and Loss, and other similar important subjects.

    • All formulas and shortcuts, such as squares, cubes, Pythagorean theorem, and so on, should be learned.

    • Use Vedic maths to solve problems because it increases speed and accuracy.

Hope this article will help you in your studies. Wish you all the very best!



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