Here’s how to prepare for RRB NTPC CBT 2 Exam for the best result

Candidates must make their best efforts and work hard to secure a job with the Indian Railways. I am sharing with you a few RRB NTPC CBT 2 Preparation Tips that you must follow to pass the exam with a good score.

It is always considered a good idea to begin preparation as early as possible in order to pass any exam with high marks. And in such a case, most people would have begun studying for the RRB NTPC CBT 2 Exam.

First of all, keep these general tips in mind while preparing for the exam:

  • Understanding of the syllabus is necessary as it will help you in learning the theory behind each and every concept.

  • Prepare a smart study schedule that will cover all the topics of your RRB NTPC CBT 2 Syllabus.

  • Make reading habits that will help you in improving your vocabulary.

  • Keep formulas, problem-solving steps, and other tricks handy. Regularly practise and revise them.

  • As you prepare, strive to strike a balance between speed and accuracy.

  • Revise on a regular basis, not only the topics in which you are weak but also those in which you are confident.

  • Master the art of obliteration. When answering questions, consider which options you can first eliminate.

The five effective ways to clear the exam in the first attempt are given below:

  • You should make a note of your daily progress.

  • Give more time to self-study during your preparation. 

  • Improve speed and accuracy of solving questions, for this, you can practise RRB NTPC CBT 2 Online Mock Tests.

  • Prepare things Month-wise, especially the current affair (especially of last 6 months) during your free time.

RRB NTPC CBT 2 Subject-wise approach

  • General Awareness:

This is a vast subject to cover, but it is also one of the highest-scoring sections in the RRB NTPC Exam. For improving your “Static G.K.”, examine the fundamentals of all NCERT subjects (especially science, economics and Polity)

Because the questions are direct factual questions, memorise important facts from history, geography, and polity. Revise current events of the last 6 months.

  • General Intelligence and Reasoning:

Prioritize the RRB NTPC CBT 2 reasoning questions. You should begin with the simple questions and work your way up to more difficult ones. Solve as many questions as you can to master the numerous tricks. Don't forget to solve all of the previous year's RRB NTPC CBT 2 exam question papers.

Chapters to be focused more are coding and decoding, puzzles, and direction and distance.

  • Mathematics

Be very familiar with formulae, tables, squares, cubes, square roots, cube roots, and so on so that you don't have to think too hard during the exam. When you've mastered the fundamentals, you can move on to the shortcut tricks. Do you know, Mathematics is all about practise. The more you practise, the more knowledgeable you will become. For this, I would suggest you attempt a Quants Sectional Test as well as a Mock Test on a regular basis to gain mastery over it.

Practicing RRB NTPC CBT 2 Mock Tests will not only improve your accuracy but also help you in improving your speed for the exam. Visit for top class free Mock Tests.

Good Luck!



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