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Sub Stream : Psychologist


A career as a psychologist is an exciting and rewarding path. A psychologist is someone who studies the human mind and behavior. They might work in a hospital, school, or at a private practice.

The field of psychology has been growing rapidly and with it the demand for qualified psychologists has increased. 

Psychologists are professionals in the field of mental health. They are responsible for assessing and treating patients with mental, emotional or behavioral problems.

A psychologist may work in a hospital, private practice, school or university. They may also work for the government or non-profit organization. Psychologists need to be licensed and have a doctoral degree in psychology from an APA-accredited institution.

In India, the eligibility criteria to become a psychologist is graduate degree in any branch of science with specialization in psychology from an accredited university or institute. The job responsibilities of a psychologist depend on their area of specialization but they generally include assessment and diagnosis of patients, providing therapy sessions and consultations.

The psychologist is a mental health professional who deals with the emotional and mental health of an individual. They are also called as psychotherapists or psychiatrists. They work in mental hospitals, universities, schools, clinics and other institutions. They are also responsible for providing treatment to those who suffer from psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression.

Psychologists need to have a degree in psychology or psychiatry from a university or institute that is approved by the government.

The job of a psychologist is to help people who have mental health problems. They are often employed by hospitals, clinics, and other institutions. They work with patients to diagnose conditions, develop treatment plans, and assess the effectiveness of treatments.

A psychologist’s responsibilities may include:

- diagnosing mental disorders

- developing treatment plans

- assessing the effectiveness of treatments

- teaching coping skills

- giving referrals for patients who need more specialized care.

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