Career as Midwife

Stream : Health Science
Sub Stream : Nursing


Midwives are professionals who provide care for pregnant women and their babies. They work in hospitals, clinics, and private practices. Midwives also work in communities to improve the health of mothers and babies.

Midwives have a wide variety of responsibilities, including:

- Helping pregnant women understand what to expect during pregnancy and childbirth

- Teaching women how to care for themselves before pregnancy and during pregnancy

- Giving mothers advice on how to breastfeed or express milk

- Providing medical care during labor and delivery

- Helping mothers with postnatal care

There are a lot of misconceptions about the eligibility criteria for becoming a midwife in India. Although midwives are not allowed to perform surgical procedures, they have a lot of scope to do other things.

A woman can become a midwife if she has completed her MBBS degree and has passed the Board examination. She also needs to have an experience of at least three years as an assistant in any hospital or nursing home.

Midwives are responsible for delivering babies and providing support during childbirth, as well as post-partum care for mothers and newborns. They also help with managing complications that may arise during pregnancy or childbirth.

There are many different jobs that a midwife can do in India. Some of the most common ones include providing prenatal care, performing deliveries and postnatal care, and counseling.

Midwives are responsible for the safety of pregnant women and their babies during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. They also provide physical therapy to new mothers who have experienced complications during pregnancy or childbirth.

Midwives must be registered with the government to work in India. They must also have a bachelor's degree in midwifery or nursing or an equivalent degree from a country that is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Midwifery is a profession that has been practiced for thousands of years. It is a profession that is well-known for its unique and diverse scope of responsibilities.

The job of a midwife in India varies based on the state. In some states, they have to be registered with the government and have to take care of pregnant women during childbirth, while in other states, they are only required to be involved in the process where the woman delivers her baby.

There are many types of midwives in India who have varying levels of education and experience. The job responsibilities vary depending on which type you become part of.

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