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Stream : Architecture and Construction
Sub Stream : Architectural and civil drafter or engineer


A draughtsperson is an artist who specializes in drawing architectural or engineering plans. A career as a draughtsperson is a challenging and rewarding profession. It requires the ability to think creatively and quickly, with an eye for detail. Draughtspersons can work in a variety of industries, including architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing.

A draughtsperson usually has a degree in architecture or engineering, and they are employed by companies to draw up plans for new buildings, bridges, highways and other structures.

The work of a draughtsperson is not just about drawing pretty pictures; it's about understanding the complex design for a building and translating that into technical drawings. The draughtsperson will also have to take into account the environmental conditions that may affect the construction of the building, such as wind or rain. The drawings will show how these conditions might affect the construction of certain parts of a building, such as its foundations.

In India, there are many different types of draughtsperson. The job responsibilities differ from one profession to another.

The following are the different types of draughtsperson in India:

- Draughtsman (also known as a draughtswoman)

- Draughtsman assistant

- Draughtswoman (also known as a draughtwoman)

- Draughtsmen assistant

The following are the different types of draughtmen in India:

- Draftsman (also known as a draftsman)

- Draftsmen assistant

- Draftsmen supervisor

Draughtsperson is a profession in India which means a person who draws or paints on paper, cloth, or any other surface.

Draughtsperson does not need to be an artist but has to be skilled in drawing and painting. The work of draughtsman is mainly related to drawing plans, maps, and technical drawings. A draughtsman may also be called as draftsman or drafter.

The job of a draughtsperson includes responsibility for the design, development and implementation of architectural drawings and other plans in accordance with the specifications of the client. They are also responsible for making measurements and calculations as required by the project specifications.

Draughtspersons are responsible for executing various types of technical drawings including construction documents such as blueprints, elev

In India, draughtsperson is a profession that has been in existence since the ancient period of time. The profession mainly consists of drawing plans, designs and other similar work.

The scope of this profession includes all types of architectural drawings, architectural plans and also includes civil engineering drawings.

Draughtsperson is a profession that is highly sought after by people who are interested in architecture or civil engineering field.

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