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Chemists are involved in many aspects of the chemical industry, including research and development, production, quality control, safety and environmental protection. Chemists may also work in the public sector as regulators or inspectors.

The role of a chemist can be broadly categorized into research and development, production and quality control. In research and development chemists use their knowledge to develop new products or processes while in production they design or improve existing processes. Quality control is a key function within the chemical industry where chemists ensure that products meet set standards for purity, consistency and other characteristics. Chemists may also work in the public sector as regulators or inspectors ensuring that laws are being followed for safety reasons.

Chemists are the most sought-after professionals in India. They have a wide scope of responsibilities, such as:

- Analyzing and testing samples to find out their composition

- Conducting experiments to find the cause for a particular effect

- Developing new products and finding new uses for existing ones

- Creating chemical compounds and designing processes for manufacturing them

- Developing new methods of extracting natural resources like oil, gas, coal, or minerals

- Creating pesticides and herbicides

The job is also lucrative and pays well. The median pay in India was $76 659 in 2018.

The chemist is a vital part of the chemical industry. They are responsible for maintaining and managing the laboratory and work with other staff members to create a safe, efficient, and economical production system.

Chemists are required to have a graduate degree in chemistry or related science. They also need to be eligible for an Indian government license.

The average salary range for chemists is $61,000-$134,000 per year in India.

A chemist is someone who is employed to conduct chemical experiments and research.

The job responsibilities of a chemist vary according to the type of work that they are doing. For example, if they are working on pharmaceuticals, then they would be responsible for testing the drugs and developing new ones. A chemist can also work in the natural resources sector or in a laboratory environment.

According to the data collected by India’s Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, there were around 5500 chemists in India as of 2017. This number has increased by 16% since 2016.

Chemists can earn anywhere between Rs 25,000-Rs 2 lakh per month depending on their skillset and experience levels.

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