Career as Building Surveyor officer

Stream : Architecture and Construction
Sub Stream : Architectural Engineering

Building Surveyor officer

Building Surveyor officer is responsible for the construction and maintenance of properties that are occupied by the Government of Canada. They are instrumental in assessing, analyzing and inspecting these properties to ensure that they have been built according to all government standards.

A successful Building Surveyor officer will have administrative, communication, and organizational skills. They need to be able to speak both official languages, be creative in problem solving and analytical in their line of work.

A Surveyor officer is a person who is in charge of building and maintaining maps. He or she will be responsible for the construction of roads, railways and other infrastructure projects.

In India, a Surveyor officer can work for the government or for private companies. The eligibility criteria for this job are that you must have completed a degree in engineering or surveying from an Indian university.

Salary depends on your experience and qualifications and ranges between Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000 per month.

A Surveyor officer is an officer who has the responsibility of surveying and mapping the land and its features. They also have to perform other tasks related to surveying. The job is not restricted to India but is open for all Indian citizens.

A Surveyor officer is someone who is responsible for the surveying of land, buildings and other properties. They are often required to measure distances, angles and other physical features of an area.

The eligibility criteria for this post in India are that one must be a graduate from a recognized university with at least three years of experience in the field after graduation. The pay scale starts from Rs. 15,600 per month and goes up to Rs. 39,200 per month.

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