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Stream : Health Science
Sub Stream : Audiologist/ Speech Therapist

Audiology Expert

There are many people who want to pursue a career in Audiology. This can be a great field to work in, with new technologies and advances in the field coming out on a regular basis.

This article will look at the basics that you need to know about careers in Audiology, so that you can make a more informed decision when it comes time to decide on your career path.

Some of the most common hearing loss career options include:

Audiologist - helps people with hearing and balance problems by conducting hearing tests, evaluating ear function, and providing advice about treatment.

Clinic audiologist - typically work in a clinic in diagnosing and treating hearing problems.

Speech-language pathologist (SLP) - provides speech therapy for people who have difficulty talking or understanding speech.

Occupational therapist (OT) - helps people develop strategies to manage their daily living skills at home and/or at work.

School-based audiologist - works with children who have learning disabilities that are related to their hearing difficulties.

Audiology Assistant (AuA) – provides clinical services under supervision of an audiologist or SLP.

Audiologists are experts in the field of hearing and balance. They diagnose, manage and treat patients with hearing and balance disorders. They work in a variety of settings such as hospitals, private clinics, nursing homes, schools or other places where patients can be found.

People with a bachelor's degree in audiology or a related field are eligible to apply for this job. The payscale is Rs. 50000-50000 per month.

Audiologists are medical professionals who diagnose and treat hearing and balance disorders. They work in hospitals, clinics, schools, nursing homes, and other institutions. Audiologists also work in private practice to help patients with hearing or balance problems.

The job responsibilities of an audiologist vary depending on the type of institution they work for. Audiologists can conduct hearing tests to identify the type of hearing loss a person has and recommend treatment options such as prescription medications or surgery. They also may work with people who have tinnitus or vertigo by providing treatment through counseling or sound therapy. Audiologists may be involved in research to find new treatments for deafness and other disorders that affect the ear.

In India, audiologists are eligible for this job if they possess a bachelor's degree in audiology

Audiology is a medical or health-related profession that deals with the diagnosis, management and rehabilitation of people with hearing loss. It is also known as Otology.

A person who practices Audiology is called an Audiologist. An Audiologist can work in various settings like hospitals, clinics, schools, private practices and research labs.

An Audiologist's job responsibilities include:

- diagnosing hearing loss

- fitting hearing aids

- counselling patients on how to use their hearing aids

- instructing patients on the use of assistive listening devices like FM systems or amplifiers

Audiologists are eligible in India only if they have a degree in Audiology from a recognized university. The scope for Audiologists is vast because there are many types of jobs available.

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