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The anaesthetist is a health professional who specializes in the use of anaesthesia to relieve acute pain, in the treatment of physical trauma, and emergency care.

Anaesthesia is a medical specialty that uses general anesthesia, regional anesthesia and local anesthesia to control pain during surgery or other medical procedures. It also manages acute pain that occurs during or after an operation or episodic pain.

The Role of Anaesthesists: An anaesthesist may work in various specialties where general, regional, or local anesthesia is required for diagnosis and treatment. Some common surgical fields are orthopedics (where they can administer epidurals), neurosurgery (where they can administer spinal blocks), cardiac surgery (where they can provide cardiopulmonary bypass), obstetrics and gynaec.

Anaesthetists are doctors who are qualified to administer anaesthesia to patients and monitor their vital signs during surgical procedures. They also provide post-operative care, including pain relief and general nursing.

The job responsibilities of an anaesthetist include:

- Administering anaesthesia to the patient

- Monitoring the patient's condition

- Providing post-operative care

- Advising surgeons on the best methods of anesthesia

- Recording information about a patient's condition and progress during surgery, such as blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, temperature and oxygen levels.

Anaesthetists are doctors specializing in the administration of anaesthesia, analgesia, and related care to patients. They are responsible for providing surgical or medical care to patients before, during and after surgery. Anaesthetists are also called anaesthesiologists.

Anaesthetists work in hospitals, private practices and other healthcare facilities. They may work on a contract basis with specific hospitals or clinics or they may be employed by the hospital as permanent staff.

The eligibility for becoming an Anaesthetist is MBBS degree from a recognized institution in India with one year of internship or equivalent training experience.

An anaesthetist is a medical professional who is trained to administer anaesthesia, provide pain relief and maintain a patient's airway, breathing and circulation during surgery or other procedures.

Anaesthetists are eligible to work in India after they complete their MBBS degree. They are also required to do a one-year internship in an anaesthesia department of a hospital before they can start working as an Anaesthetist.

The salary of an Anaesthetist ranges between Rs 2,00,000 - Rs 4,00,000 per month depending on the experience and qualifications.

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