Best Online Career Counselling Course : Become a Professional Counsellor

Best Online Career Counselling Course : Become a Professional Counsellor

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Discover a rare opportunity with our  career counselling course.

Are you passionate about helping others navigate their career paths? Our comprehensive program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to  become a certified career counsellor. 

Throughout our Career Counselling Course, you'll gain invaluable theoretical insights into various career options. What sets us apart? Our hands-on approach integrates interactive sessions where you can apply counselling techniques in simulated scenarios.

This practical aspect ensures a deep understanding of theoretical foundations while honing essential skills required to excel in the field. By the program's conclusion, you'll be fully prepared to embark on a career as a professional career counsellor, guiding individuals towards informed and fulfilling career decisions.

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What Does a Career Counsellor Do? Explore Your Role

As a career counsellor, you play a crucial role in guiding students and working professionals through their career journeys. By leveraging career assessments, test reports, and counseling sessions, you assist individuals in discovering their interests and abilities. This process is integral to our career counselling course, which prepares you to become a certified career counsellor.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Career Guidance: Assist individuals in crafting a comprehensive plan to achieve their career objectives. Our career counselling course emphasizes practical techniques essential for effective career coaching and mentorship.
  • Overcoming Challenges: Address obstacles that may hinder academic or career success. Through our career coaching program, you'll learn strategies to support clients in overcoming these challenges.
  • Educational Support: Provide crucial information about colleges, admission criteria, entrance exams, and cut-offs. This knowledge is vital for career counsellors to empower their clients with accurate and timely information.

Who should enroll in our career counseling course?

It's ideal for individuals passionate about mentoring and guiding others in their career paths. Whether you aspire to excel as a career counsellor or enhance your mentoring skills, our program offers essential certification and expertise.
Open to All: Our program welcomes anyone eager to help others navigate their careers, including retired professionals looking to leverage their experience.
Essential Skills Development: Gain expertise in connecting with clients, understanding their career needs, and guiding them effectively.
Eligibility :
Eligibility Requirements: Open to psychology graduates and minimum graduates in any discipline, ensuring a strong foundation in career guidance.

Why Choose Our Career Counselling Course?

1. Expert Guidance

Explore our premier career counseling course led by industry experts with extensive field experience. Harness the invaluable insights and guidance of professionals who have consistently empowered individuals to achieve fulfilling and successful careers. Acquire the expertise and knowledge essential for excelling in career development and making a meaningful impact in the lives of others. Enroll today to enhance your career counseling capabilities and unlock new professional opportunities..

2. Comprehensive Curriculum

Discover our comprehensive offline training program designed to equip you with a thorough grasp of career counselling principles, assessment tools, and effective coaching techniques. Delve into diverse counselling strategies and personalized approaches tailored to enhance your skills as a proficient career counsellor. Enroll today to expand your expertise and advance your career in guiding individuals towards successful professional paths.

3. Certification

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a recognized certified as a Career Counsellor. This credential enhances your credibility and opens doors to a variety of career counselling opportunities.

Transform Your Career: Become a Certified Career Counsellor in India

Embark on a self-paced online learning journey tailored to equip you with all the essential skills necessary for career coaching. Our comprehensive program empowers you to become a certified career counsellor in just one month, enabling you to advance confidently in your professional journey.

Welcome to our comprehensive Career Counselling Dual Certification Program!


Module 1
- Basics of Counselling
- Overview of Career Counselling
- Theoretical Approaches to Career Counselling
Module 2&3

- Psychometric Testing
- Career Roadmap

Module 4&5

- Career Roadmap
- Handling Career Conflicts
- Role Play & Scenarios


- Understanding Career Assessment Tests
- Exploring Career Tree
- Insight into Entrance Exams
- Addressing Student FAQs & Valuable Counselling Tips
- Navigating Study Abroad
- Strategies for Self-Management

Mastering Career Counselling: Essential Steps to Success

Explore our comprehensive online program tailored to equip you with essential career coaching skills. Our self-paced course enables you to study at your own pace over a month, preparing you thoroughly to excel as a successful career counsellor. Start your journey today to empower others in achieving their goals.          


  • Choose the preferred course package.
  • Fill in personal details and select the desired package.


  • Training Material:  Access 5 modules on your dashboard.
  • Study Time:  Approximately 8 hours are required to study the modules within a month.


  • Test Preparation:  Study the modules thoroughly.
  • Certification Test: Clear a 60-minute, 120 multiple-choice question test based on the modules.
  • Certificate:  Upon successfully passing the test, a career counseling certificate is generated.


  • Mentor Workbook & Report Explainatory Video
  • Value Addition: Gain access to a Mentor Program worth Rs. 1000.
  • Training for Live Counseling: Engage in case studies and mock career counseling sessions.
  • Mentor Test: Clear a 15-minute Mentor Test to get Mentor Certificate.
  • Mentor Support: Receive hand-holding and guidance in every counseling session.
  • Get Paid for Counseling: Gain the opportunity to earn through counseling sessions.
  • Access to Mentor Dashboard: Utilize resources and support from the mentor dashboard.

Additional Features:

  • Marketing Material Access
  • Mentor Dashboard: Student Tracker, Lead Management, Dedicated Test Referral Link, and more.

Opportunities for Career Counsellor

Seminars for Schools, NGOs, CSR: Engage in educational seminars to guide students and professionals towards fulfilling career paths.
Group Counsellings in Schools NGOs: Facilitate group counselling sessions to support collective career development and decision-making.
One on one counsellings :Provide personalized guidance to individuals seeking career direction and advancement.
Career Counselling Jobs in Institutes and Admission Roles: Explore roles in career counselling institutes and as admission counsellors in educational institutions.

Start Your Journey Today!

Don’t miss the opportunity to become a highly trained Career Counsellor. Our Career Counselling Course in education will set you on the path to a rewarding career in helping others achieve their career goals. This program is crafted to provide you with valuable skills and insights, all for an affordable fee. Join us and embark on a journey to make a positive impact in people's lives.

Dual Certification
₹ 3499
  • Mode of Training - Offline
  • Duration Of Course - Approx 8 Hrs
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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the demand of course?
15 Lakh Career Counsellors are needed in india to balance an average Student to Counsellor ratio. In India, 500 Million Population in the Age Bracket Of 5-24Years. Rs.5000 Crore Is Estimated Market Size Of Career Counselling Industry In India As Per KPMG, EY And MHRD Report. Shortage Of 1.4 Million Career Counsellor to Maintain Globally Accepted Student Counsellor Ratio.
Yes, a career counselor can be a rewarding and fulfilling profession for those passionate about helping others make informed decisions and achieve their professional goals.
The certification has affiliation and recognition with the global career and Asia Pacific Career Development Association. The certification module is designed with the help of psychologists. The certificate is awarded by Allegiance Educare, a career counseling company with an experience of more than 6 years in the career counseling industry.
In India, the cost of career counseling varies based on the mode of training. For offline training, the cost is Rs. 3499, while for online training, it is Rs. 5999.

The topics are designed to provide a basic theoretical understanding of Career Counselling, which can help individuals pursue positions in Career Counselling Centres or start their private career consultation. The free mentor program, along with this program, will equip you to deliver face-to-face counseling. You can also establish your own career counselling brand with our self-branding products. You can apply to private career counselling companies and centers to enhance your career opportunities. Schools typically look for general counsellors, such as those with a master's in counselling, so this might not be an opportunity for a career counsellor. Private schools looking for a dedicated Career Counsellors position would be a relevant place to apply.

Yes, our self-paced course allows completion within a month, with assistance available for registration and technical issues. For course-related doubts, email:, with responses provided within 72 working hours. The free Mentor program includes hands-on counselling sessions for practical work experience.

How do we provide the best career counselling course in India ?

  • The Modules are meticulously crafted according to industry standards, offering a comprehensive education in theory-based Certified Career Counselling  program.
  • This professional certification is acknowledged by esteemed bodies such as the Global Career & Career Association and International Association of Applied Psychology.The program includes continuous assessment and support, ensuring that career counselors receive ongoing education through Career Webinars to stay updated with the latest industry developments.

Benefits of Joining Us:

career counselling certificate
Resume Enhancement
update your resume
Professional Counselling Opportunities
professional counsellor

List of Empaneled Career Counsellors in India

In India, the list of empaneled career counselors is a valuable resource for career planning. These professionals employ various techniques to assess a client's potential and guide them at every level. Their expertise is instrumental in helping individuals unlock their full potential, ensuring a successful career path.

Nandini Uchil

Mentor Code : 1563779301

Reshma Vohra

Mentor Code : 1484720359

Yogesh K Shah

Mentor Code : 1563779199

Sanketa Mangaonkar

Mentor Code : 1518671508


Mentor Code : 1563779159

Ajay Vishwanath

Mentor Code : 1490597613

Geetha Shankar

Mentor Code : 1486468219

Srinivas rao Surampudi

Mentor Code : 1488215029

Success Stories

Real-life testimonials from Students, Certified Mentors, and Whitelabel partners, showcasing their experiences with our certification program to become a certified career coach, post completion, have significantly helped others reach their career goals through our credible certification.

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