Why Career Counselling?

Why Career Counselling?
10 May 2021
Myths and trend of choosing Career in India?
How often do you hear children saying, 'I am planning to give JEE', 'I am planning to give NEET' and these days a new trend 'I am planning to get into Management'. Do you agree on the following pattern for choosing stream after 10th in india : Highest scorers choose Science, Average scorers choose Commerce and Low scorers in choose Arts.
Did you know most of the Noble prize winners are Economists, which is a career in Arts stream. Were you aware of degrees like Bachelors in social welfare and sound engineering. Lakhs of Engineers are unemployed in India and most of them dont even end up in engineering jobs later in their career. This sheep herd mentality is a common problem for years in India. Getting influenced and fascinated by other's career is a natural thing, but one should always look at their own skills and interest while making a career decision, instead of getting influenced by others. There are doctors who earn more than engineers, there are engineers who earn more than actors and there are actors who earn more than doctors. So, there is no thumb rule of a particular career having better pay than the other career.

Why Career Counselling?
Career Counselling is an unbiased and scientific way of choosing a career. It helps students explore from a pool of careers apart from the ones which they are already aware of. The basic 3 pillars of career counselling are :
1) Career Interest Test : It is very difficult for anyone to answer a question like, 'Do you want to become a Pilot or Engineer or doctor?'. Our answer could be yes or no and it is very difficult to pinpoint interest in a particular career. 
Career Interest Test incorporates two factors : (i) the fascination with the name of a particular career 
(ii) whether the task performed in that particular career is in line with the individual's choice of activity on a daily basis. eg. if an individual is more inclined towards performing activities like physical, artistic, social, administrative, etc. Career interest Test Questions are framed in an indirect questionaire format and his interest is then categorised under physical, artistic, social, administrative, etc.

2) Aptitude Test : Aptitude is innate and inborn ability and most important factor to be considered while choosing a career. It is the capability of an individual to perform in a Career. eg. I might have interest to become a journalist, but if my verbal reasoning aptitude is low, I might struggle as a Journalist or may have to always work harder than other journalists who have the natural talent for it.

3) Personality Test : A lot of times freshers try out multiple jobs initially in their career, till they find the perfect one. In some cases it might take a lifetime to search for the perfect job! One of the reasons is personality mismatch. If you are a social person and end up in a desk job, with no communication with others, then there is a high chance you might quit your job.
In our academic life, while we are pursuing our education, we might not be expected to interact professionally with our classmates and just clear exams to be promoted to the next academic year, leaving our personalities unexposed. Hence, we do not realise how personality plays an important role while choosing a career till you start working.

What is the accuracy of Psychometric Tests?
Psychometric Tests are based on Psychology, which is not an exact science. Physics is an exact science ie. If I throw a ball, it will come down because of gravity. There are other methods of Career Guidance like Astrology, DMIT, etc, but Psychometric Tests are one of the most conventional and practiced methodology across the globe. 

Why Allegiance Educare?

We follow a Top to bottom step by step approach ie. shortlisting down a Career Title, then degree, college, entrance exam, coaching classes and so on. In order to get into a particular career there are multiple careerpaths one can choose and laydown a careerpath as per the individual's requirement eg. To become a Financial Analyst, you can pursue CA, BBA in Finance, BCom, BAF, etc

Career Counselling is useful to explore from a pool of careers which you are not aware of. Allegiance Educare Report shortlists 3 lists of recommended careers from a list of more than 500 careers ie. Strongly recommended, Average 1 recommended and Average 2 Recommended.
Apart from shortlisted recommended careers from our side, 3 aspired careers from the student is also taken to analyse the suitability of the three careers. So, instead of imposing career recommendations from our side, we also consider student's choice of careers.

Break the limitations of Paper based Test...
-Allegiance Educare Career Assessment Online Test with error free & accurate Automated report
-Proprietory algorithm 'Advanced Career Assessment Test Engine' to calculate more than 5000 combinations of 500 careers and adjusts misanswered questions to the right interpretation.
-High reliability and Validity Tests

We have Customised Career Counselling packages designed as per student requirement :
1) Stream Selector for 3rd to 10th Std
  • This package is designed for 3rd to 10th Std students to help them choose the suitable Stream after 10th.
  • The services include:
- Career Assessment Test.
- Career Report alongwith list of shortlisted careers from more than 500 careers.
- Face to Face Counseling with a Mentor in your area.
2) Degree Selector for 11th-12th Std
  • This package is designed for 11th-12th Std Students to decide on which degree would be suitable after 12th.
  • The services include:
- Career Assessment Test.
- Career Report along with a list of shortlisted careers from more than 500 careers.
- Face to Face Counseling with a Mentor in your area.
3) Career Selector for Graduates and Working Professionals
  • Choose the suitable Masters specialization for MBA, PG, etc.
  • Choose the suitable Job title
  • The services include:
- Career Assessment Test.
- Career Report along with a list of shortlisted careers from more than 500 careers.
- Face to Face Counseling with a Mentor in your area.

 4) Mentoring Package : Telephonic Counselling with Industry expert of Careers for mentoring about Growth prospects, Eligibility, duration, scope, course specification, etc.

5) NEET/JEE Counselling  
 -Ranks predictions as per your expected score 
-Facts & figures on NEET 2020
- Get a book on state quota counseling 
- regular alerts on counseling dates and important notications on neet
-webinar on neet counseling process 
-profile maping
-health anysis
- Handholding of student till he or she gets admission 
- documentation work
- form filling 
- college preferences
- chance to interact with current medical student's 
- college review and other important updates
6) Emotional Intelligence 
-Relationship management
-Managing Peer Pressure
-Managing Success and Failure
-Managing Stress and Anxiety
-Developing Healthy Habits
-Identifying addictions and early interventions

7) Leadership Skills
-Communications skills
-Interpersonal skills
-Negotiation Skills
-Conflict Management
-Interview skills
8) Self Management
-Study habits
-Time Management
-Goal setting
-Handling exam anxiety
Click here for above career counselling packages. We have affordable and economical Career Counselling packages, yet maintaining the accuracy, correctness and quality of our service.

Allegiance Educare is trying to make Career Counselling available in each and every corner of the country via...

1) Career Counselling Certification : This is an knowledge based Certification to build a foundation of Career Counselling Theory. This is an offline program for Rs.5000 and 5 Modules. You can complete studying these modules anytime within 1 month, followed by a 1hr MCQ Test. The eligibility is min graduate. After successful completion of the certification, job placement assistance is also provided. Free Mentor program worth R.1000 to train you for live career counselling sessions.
To read more about the certification : https://allegiance-educare.in/career-counselling-certification-course

2) Mentor Program : This program is designed for Professionals who have already done some certification, course or degree in career counselling. It is a short offline training program for a lifetime subscription fee of Rs.1000 and can be completed in a days time, includes couple of training manuals followed by a 15 min Mentor test. This program is designed to prepare Mentors for live counsellings with Allegiance Educare Report. After the completion of the program, you get a dedicated Mentor test refferal link to share with Mentor's refferals with payment gateway directly integrated with Mentor Bank account. Access to Mentor dashboard with features like Student Test tracker, leads, refferal point system and more. The mentor profile goes live on the website for students to select their desired Mentor for counselling.
To read more about the program : https://allegiance-educare.in/become-a-mentor

Whitelabel : This is an editable portal for a ready to start career counselling brand, saving the time, money and hastle of development. A subdomain is created under the whitelabel's desired name. Access to Whitelabel dashboard with features like Student Test tracker, leads, refferal point system, editable portal to edit your website ie. logo, slider images, banners, add pages, etc. The whole Allegiance Educare website is generated as it is, under the whitelabel brand including the content, test, automated report, mentor database, payment gateway, etc. The lifetime cost of whitelabel is Rs.25000 with Top up plans for Tests and Mentor Packages.
To read more about the program :

Test Codes : This product is for those who have an existing portal and want to integrate and install the 'Advanced Career Assessment Test Engine' on their existing portal. The one time cost of the Test codes is Rs.5000.
To read more about the program :

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