Top 6 Educational Tools For Faculty & Students

Top 6 Educational Tools For Faculty & Students
22 February 2023
Nowadays, technology plays an immensely important role in the field of education. There are innumerable educational tools and certain related programs available to assist students and teachers in their academic career. Students are prone to issues such as file conversion , file sharing, assignment management, and more. Luckily, students and academic professionals now easily convert any file conversions from this theonlineconverter while keeping the formatting and quality high. 

Well, give a read to this context as we shortlisted few best education tools that facilitate academic professionals significantly.  

CK-12 is referred to as the best utility that mainly accounts to reduce the cost of the academic books from the K-12 system around the USA and (Globally). It is loaded with an open-source interface that assists to swiftly create and distribute educational material via the internet. This material then can be easy to modify and also loaded with audio, video, and certain interactive exercises. And, this is where you want to export your file as PDF and make it password protected, then give a try to an online converter that does all in a matter of seconds. 

The upside is that the books that are created in the CK-12 site can readily be adapted for the needs of any teacher or student. 


Get this handy tool that mainly assists for improving student behavior -  even this is where teachers allow their students to give instant feedback. With this assistance, the great disposition in class is legitimately “rewarded” with points and even students encounter a remarkable receptive attitude towards the learning process. Moreover, an online file converter is a freeware utility that is taken into account by students to export one or more files at once into more compatible formats. 

Additionally, this educational tool is loaded with real-time notifications for students to provide collaboration assistance. The most appealing thing is that all the collected information about the students portfolio can be shared later with guardians and administrators via web-portal.

EduClipper is another utility that allows both teachers and students to share and even explore certain educational references and material. Prior to sharing, you could use an online converter to make compatible file formats conversion while maintaining the formatting. 

  • It assists you to grab the information all around the internet and swiftly share it smoothly with the members of previously created groups
  • This utility provided the possibility for managing academic work more efficiently that is mainly gathered online improve research techniques
  • Get this education tool that comes with a digital record of students achievement during the academic session

Remember that when it comes to sharing important academic notes, PDF is the most preferred format. Even one could compress and split PDF files online by using a free converter. A PDF document is best for document sharing as it preserves the original elements and formatting. Also, EduClipper is the best and reliable source for teachers for organizing a virtual class with their students. Plus, it works best for creating a portfolio through which the full work is carried out that is stored.

This is an online web-based application that is mainly designed to proceed with online file conversions. No matter whether you’re student, laymen, or teacher, this handy file converter lets you make quick and optimal quality conversion for free of cost. This online conversion source supports nearly all image, document, eBook, archive, audio, video, and PDF file converters. The upside is that all the converted and uploaded files are safe and never ever shared or sold to anyone. Once the files transformation is completed, all the files are permanently deleted from the server source for security concerns. Well, no matter at all how many pages of PDF assignments you want to split, it always works best. 


Get this full-fledged educational tool that mainly used to promote writing and reading skills in students with the assistance of storytelling. Even teachers can attain the ease of creating interactive and artistic books online. Besides that, if you need to make file conversion for certain formats, then you should have to stick with an online converter. Remember that the story that is generated with Storybird can be sent by email. Embedded in blogs, and print easily. 

Moreover, this tool mainly works for creating projects with students, organizing classes and grades, and even providing constant feedback.


Kahoot is another education tool that is fully based on games and questions. Teachers now easily create questionnaires, discussions, or surveys that entirely complement academic lessons with this assistance. You can make a PDF file for questions and quizzes with the PDF creator and then make a zip file of it using an online converter for the ease of sharing. Keep in mind that this utility is best for promoting game-based learning that boost student engagement and also assists to make a dynamic, social, and even fun educational environment. 

By using Kahoot, all the material is projected in the classroom and the questions are properly answered by students. This is indicated as the perfect place where both playing and learning takes place simultaneously. 

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