Teenage issues and difficulties

Teenage issues and difficulties
30 July 2019

Its normal for teenagers to have worries and fears. But, treating every worry as a big problem could aggrevate the problem. 

Some tips to identify if the child needs help with anxiety :

- Worries that wont go away- Feeling on edge, wound up, cant relax, worried a lot for no reasons.

- Worries that get worse over time - Avoids situation or people, panicky, bad thoughts, physical symptoms.

- Worries that interfere with daily life- Stop doing things which he/she used to do before because of fear and anxiety.

How to help your child with teenage issues :

- Talk to your child about how he/she is feeling.

- Stay connected during period of adolescence. Have family meals together.

- Showing trust, praising & confidence in your child.

- Give positive messages to your child - hug, a smile, arm over shoulder, nod or wink.

- Dont label your child as "Worrier", "Lazy".

- Parents keep yourself fit and stress-free.

When to seek prefessional help?

Signs of depression - angry, guilty, sad or cranky more thn usual, giving up easily, trouble sleeping, getting into trouble, trouble with schoolwork, isolating themselves or fighting - all this goes for more than 2 weeks.

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