IIM-Lucknow-NOTEPAD - A nationwide article writing competition

IIM-Lucknow-NOTEPAD - A nationwide article writing competition
30 July 2019


IIM Lucknow, invites you all to pen down your views for Notepad-a nationwide article writing competition.

Eligibility criteria

The passion of writing should not be restricted by age, education or profession, and so the competition is open to all.
If you have exceptional writing skills and would like to share your musings with a large audience of students, coaching institutes, schools, colleges and professionals, we would love to hear from you.
Judging parameters
1. The most viewed article will be the winner of the competition.
2. You will be responsible for creating the content, distributing it online and engaging users (on comments).
3. Bonus points for interesting title and images.
4. The number of people reading your story will be tracked and will form a major part of the evaluation.


Topics for writing

The article can be on any of the following themes. You can focus on a specific topic within theme of your choice.
1. Expectation Vs Reality – 5 things in your institute that are different from expectations
2. 5 things in your institute that are different from others
3. Insights into your course – The value it adds
4. A definite checklist for the upcoming batch – An insider’s information
5. An answer which can change your life – MBA Karenge
6. The (Said or Unsaid) rules at your college
7. How does life at your institute shape you for what lies ahead?
8. Comparison of post-graduation between IIM/IIT and other foreign universities
9. Life in non-traditional courses (Architecture, animation, aviation, hospitality, journalism, literature, fashion) during and after studies
10. Preparation strategy for competitive exam of your choice
11. Changing your stream of education after pursuing your degree
12. How to write an academic CV/SOP?
13. Applying on your own to foreign universities
14. Is the science stream really the most promising career path as showcased?
15. Freelancing and monetizing new interest as a student
16. Reputation is all a University lives for, even if a life or justice is at stake. Comment
17. 9 last-minute mantras for exam
18. Graduation from top universities (IIM, IIT, AIIMS etc.) hyped or its worth the reputation
19. Thinking about thinking, understanding your underlying analytical process to improve how you learn
You will have complete freedom to complete the above tasks as long as it meets basic standards and niche of our platform. Write a story that current students and aspirants are most likely to read. Does your story solve a problem that they have? Are you entertaining them? Your story needs to answer 'Yes' to one of the above two questions.



1 30,000 YES
2 15,000 YES
3 5,000 YES
TOP 25 - YES

Process of submitting your post

 Register on our website at https://edugorilla.com
 Though not mandatory, we highly recommend our authors to complete their profile. It will help you in gaining visibility and improve odds of getting your article published.


Instructions for the articles

1. The article should be original and not published somewhere else.
2. Minimum Length: 400 words. No limit on the maximum word count.
3. Team size: 1 member.
4. One person can submit multiple entries.
5. The last date to submit your articles is 31st March, 2017 EOD.
6. Views will be counted till 10th April, 2017.
7. Your article must have minimum 50 views to be considered an entry in the competition.


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