Effective Strategies To Score Good Marks in CBSE Boards.

Effective Strategies To Score Good Marks in CBSE Boards.
30 July 2019

Every candidate appearing for CBSE board exams might have shield syllabus already and got through each chapter carefully in textbooks. But still, there might be some doubts that would raise or some may even concerned about their score in their finals. A common dilemma that every student would fall is how they score highest marks, what are the strategies that are required and tips that would help them to pass with significant marks.

 Considering the situation, let's inspect and a find a way through that solves the last minute confusions and dilemmas about exam preparations. At first when you realize that when there is a lot more to learn about a particular topic than you had learned or even when solving a problem or maybe when you discuss answers with your fellow mates you may discover that, you answers are not that compelling to them. 

 Here are some use full tips to tackle all sorts of doubts regarding exam preparations, hope it will be useful. Once just glance an eye on previous test marks and set a goal in your mind to perform even better in coming tests. Strive hard to beat previous test scores. One can work on chapter wise questions in NCERT textbooks and can also refer NCERT solutions.

 Identify your weak points; that are go through your previous test papers and mark the area that went wrong. Pen down it subjects wisely. Be concerned and try not to repeat same mistakes again. It's time to make your points as the strong ones. Do not neglect easy subjects or the favorite one. Spare time and pay attention to each subject equally. Handwriting can also be considered as a factor that could affect your percentage. They are even chances of getting away from minute mistakes in an exam as they might go unnoticed due to good handwriting. It will be a plus point.

 Next, comes a crucial stage, management of time. It is a vital factor about exam preparations. Do not neglect your sleep. Keep most of your theory subjects to study in the morning. It would stay in memory for a longer period. If you have any free time in the school, utilize it. Try working on any logical subjects. Allocate time to each subject. Pay attention in class. Revise day to day. Spare time for self-study.

 One can get a clear picture of final examination papers by referring to the previous year question papers, CBSE sample papers and NCERT solutions for class 10 and class 12. Solving more question papers would raise your confidence level. There are even chances of questions repeating from previous papers. By this, you would get an idea of how quickly one can solve these papers.

 Make sure not to get panicked and ensure to get adequate sleep the before exam. Finally on the day of examination stay calm and relaxed. In the morning just brush up that you studied. Ensure you have all the necessary things such as two spare pens, pencil, and kinds of stuff before leaving for the examination. Enter examination hall in a relaxed mind. For more such interesting facts and information visit Byju’s Website. 


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