Career in Marketing

Career in Marketing
30 July 2019

Following is an idea of the Career Flow in Marketing and diiferent positions after your Degree or Post graduation Degree in Marketing :


Starting with an Executive Manager :

Sales, Developing relations with the existing and new clients and also devicing Marketing Strategies.


As you move up the ladder to Deputy manager post, following would be your Job responsibilities :

- Develop & implement procedures for identify advertising needs for B2B market.

- Coordination with advertising agency for conceptualization & developments of campaigns.

- Plan & execute promotional activities like newsletter, trade shows Participation, mailers designs, brochure designs etc

- Assist with branches for all the marketing collaterals.


After promotion you might move on to become Marketing Country Manager with the following responsibilities:

Marketing Plan

         Design and operationalize the Marketing Plan, Budget and Strategy aligned with the organizational objectives, focused product offerings and customer segmentation.

         Drive and review initiatives to generate qualified leads for the sales team & Conduct sales promotion activities.

        Plan activities to build brand for your products and services

        Work closely with internal creative team and local creative agency to develop content and campaigns to achieve business goals.

Promotional Activities Advertising

         Plan and execute promotional activities like participation in trade shows, road shows etc

         Budget, plan and advertise in trade journals, magazines

         Get write-ups published in trade magazines and journals about the company.

         Plan promotional activities for the channels in consultation with sales team

         Plan promotional activities for key accounts with the help of sales team


        Build collaterals for the company e.g. brochures, advertising leaflets, mailers, newsletter etc.

        Think creatively about ways to use your email, social and owned marketing channels to bring your brand to life and drive revenue growth in India

        Briefing creative agencies & pr agencies  

        Develop web site for better visibility of the company

Digital Advertising

         Work with agencies to get visibility through electronic social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, website and updates timely

         Opportunities for new alliances and develops opportunities for partnership.

         Plan, budget and advertise in internet e.g. Google search, SEO etc.

         Use of Google Analytics for reports.

Lead Generation

        Work with outsourced agencies for cold calling and lead generation

        Measure results of campaigns, gather insights of ongoing strategies & Monthly report generation



You can also move to become a Branding Manager :

        Responsible for all external communication & brand building.

        Involved in branding & marketing of Companies

        Web marketing and promotion via web SEO, PPC, e-mailer & web content.

        Designing of brochures, Catalog, flyers, posters, standees.

        Corporate AV, project AV & cinema fire safety AV.

        Briefing media agencies, associate Brand & Communications.

        Over see a very high media budget.

        Cooperate with dealers & channel distribution for all marketing activities.

        Develop & implement procedures to identify advertising needs.

        Plan & execute promotional activities like newsletter quarterly arrangement , trade shows Participation, mailers designs, brochure designs etc

        Advertising Roll out from for conceptualization & developments of campaigns to release and coordinating with advertising agency.

        Work closely for release of Ads in newspaper with publications like TOI, HT & other media houses.

        Advertising roll out in Magazine publication like Business world , India today , Forbes etc

        Responsible for various projects of the company for all marketing & communication activity.

        Maintain OOH promotion with the OOH media houses likes Times OOH, Pioneer Hoarding, MMG, Selvel , Lintus, Atin, Discovery etc

        Techno-commercial negotiation of agreement & contract, timely order processing and offer processing.

        Driving synergy with the TV News Channels for commercials & was in contact with India TV, ABP news CNBC Network 18, NDTV etc

        Advertising rollout for Radio in buying the time slot & work with the FM channels like Mantra, radio CT, Red fm, Mirchi, Big fm, 95 fm etc.

        Liaison with PR agencies for pr works & work closely with Corporate voice & 33pr

        Monitoring Mechanism like daily Prospect sheet, Weekly, Monthly Review & monitoring marketing reports & following Google analytics.

        Online activities done with HDFC red, magic bricks, online property, TOI Online, etc.

        Reviewing the market response/requirements/change and communicating the same to the management.

        Keeping track of all the marketing activities.

        Follow up with the vendors for the implementation of the marketing activities.



Moving on to become Head of Marketing and Branding with responsibilities :

To work with the project team to device & implement Strategies, policies & procedures for marketing and communications activities within timeline for the portfolio of exhibitions/conferences.

          Handling the advertisement, branding and promotional strategy through various means-Online (Majorly digital marketing)

          Promoting events and Developing a distinct online presence by attracting high numbers of internet followers through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram on digital media i.e., LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter

          To create and implement an integrated marketing strategy & brand building for exhibitions

          To use full marketing mix to promote the exhibition and conferences in accordance with the marketing strategy from Exhibitor promotion to visitor promotion.

          Overseeing the social media strategy for the company to drive online traffic on the company website. Brainstorm new and creative growth strategies

          Tracking conversion rates and making improvements & redesigning the websites.

          To ensure show websites are fully up to date with latest information

          Developing and managing digital marketing campaigns, utilizing a range of techniques including paid search, SEO and PPC.

          Managing online brand and product campaigns to raise brand awareness.

          To manage the barters and deliverables.

          Coordinate for design & production of all marketing collateral including sales brochures, conference brochures, visitor tickets, print advertisement, web banners, mailers etc.

          To identify appropriate media partner and associations and negotiate barter deals to maximize event exposure

          To set up media deal with external organizations to ensure maximum exposure at lowest cost to show budget.

          To set out, monitor and adhere to marketing budget.

          To manage and coordinate with all external vendors.

          To use new media tools such as social platforms to create new marketing channels.

          Review new technologies and keep the company at the forefront of developments in digital marketing.




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